Being Person Driven to Ensure an Everyday Life

Each of us have hopes and dreams, some big, some small and we engage in relationships and activities that bring meaning to our lives. How our meaningful life takes shape is as individual as each person, though our basic human needs are similar, how we meet those needs can vary. This is true for all people, including those with an intellectual/developmental disability and/or complex clinical needs. The fundamental concept of Everyday Lives is that individuals with disabilities decide how to live their lives and what supports they need. Our role as supporters is to aid in the pursuit of people living their lives, their way. This is often difficult to accomplish as systemic and cultural barriers can interfere, as can our own beliefs about what an Everyday Life should look like. As we partner with people and create a culture of connection, partnering and feedback, the people who choose our services are more likely to experience us as helpful and more likely to enjoy their Everyday Life.


Being Person Driven is a vehicle for connection and the creation of a helpful relationship, making us more effective at what we do. It helps to illuminate the frequent barriers to an Everyday Life and helps us partner toward people's hopes and dreams in an environment of collaboration and empathy. Through this full day training, participants will learn how to engage with those we serve in ways most likely to lead to a meaningful Everyday Life.

Through discussion, reflection, activity, and practice participants will:

  • Evaluate scenarios for feedback and opportunities for partnering toward an Everyday Life
  • Create a framework of support based on being Person Driven that is more likely to meet the needs of people with intellectual/developmental disabilities
  • Develop practical skills to partner and support people's Everyday Lives.
Three Critical Habits