Behavioral Support Services

Overview and Description

PDCS, LLC Behavioral Support Plans always integrate best clinical practices, Outcome Research findings, System Thinking and the Nonviolent Communication framework. Compassionate, qualified, dedicated and supervised Master's Degree Level clinicians provide behavioral support services. When needed, a Sensory Processing or Communication evaluation can be completed by the Occupational Therapist working with the PDCS Behavioral Support Team.

Each Behavior Support Plan is developed in collaboration with the individual and their team. The plan will integrate creative, non-traditional supports and best practices to help the person and the team develop comprehensive solutions allowing them to have an everyday life and live successfully in the community. Although getting to know the person and the implementation of the support plan is an ongoing process, each individualized support plan will provide:

  • Basic overview of the individual and what is critical for staff to know
  • The current plan of supervision to ensure at all times the person's heath and safety
  • Evaluation of the individual's current clinical conditions i.e., medical, health, psychiatric, neurological, trauma etc., and potential impact on the person's ability to get their needs met
  • Detailed analysis of the problematic strategies the individual is using to try to get their needs met
  • Concrete range of options and interventions for team members to use to support the individual when their needs are not met
  • All Behavior Support Plans meet the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare (DPW) regulatory requirements

Our support plans will provide team members with a concrete way to manage the power and influence they have in the individual's everyday life. The Behavioral Support Plan will make collaborating and partnering with the person possible for staff and offer them the opportunity to eliminate situations where the individual's most basic needs are not being met.

The Behavioral Support Service includes assessment of problematic strategies through observation, conversations with the person and/or team and review of historical records; training of team members on the support plan; implementation and monitoring the behavior support plan; periodic reviews and evaluation of the individual's progress; regular and ongoing supports; debriefings of remarkable / reportable events; coordination of the clinical/behavioral information affecting the individual health / mental health status to the treating psychiatrist and; collection and evaluation / analysis of data ensures that plans are revised as needed.

Navigating a Sea of System Changes: Providing Quality Behavioral Support Services Within a Capitated Rate Environment

In Pennsylvania, the Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) has begun the process of system adjustments to meet federal requirements related to Home and Community-Based Services. As proposed waiver renewals and regulatory changes are underway, so are preparations across the service community. As the Office of Developmental Programs seeks to simplify system requirements, provide additional services, and meet “Employment First” outcomes, so do providers. Provider organizations that do not already have the established processes and skills as required by the proposed waiver renewals and regulations, could easily become overwhelmed with the new requirements and expectations. Hiring and retaining qualified Behavior Support Specialists can be a challenge; Expertise on appreciating why people use challenging behaviors and how we can be most helpful with the team takes years to develop and understanding how to accurately and completely meet all the regulations and provider qualifications requirements is a major challenge, especially if you are interested in quality.

To find out what Person Driven Clinical Solutions (PDCS) LLC is able to offer as a partner see the Partnership Benefits: Quality of Life Improvements, Programmatic Compliance & Fiscal Return and explore a detailed matrix of the daily cost associated with the provision of quality behavioral supports services.