Consulting Services

We offer a variety of individualized technical assistance and onsite consultations focused on helping organizations supporting people with challenging behaviors  and strategies to create the necessary culture of feedback where staff can become increasingly more person directed and create customized supports. These activities may include but not limited to; targeted and customized support, risk assessment and evaluation of new consumers/clients, review of risks and ability to support an individual when their needs change, system changes and building capacity activities as well as mentoring and supervision activities for clinical and management staff.

The facilitator will be Person Driven and partner to help a group of people from different professions and various points of views to sit down and discuss how they can develop thoughtful and positive responses to sometimes extremely challenging situations. These activities, principles and practices are weaved into a framework providing a context for participants to:

  • Integrate evidence-based practices and practice-based evidence
  • Ensure that clinical issues are accurately perceived, explored and honored in order for people to enjoy an everyday life
  • Help organizations create the necessary culture of feedback to eliminate Microviolence from individuals everyday lives
  • Help groups and organizations in making appropriate changes in their systems and business practices while improving their ability to customize supports and become truly Person Driven

These activities are geared primarily towards helping participants and providers learn how they can become more responsive and transform themselves in order to better meet people's needs. The intent in most activities is to provide an opportunity for the participants to reflect collectively on their work, a chance to explore other responses or interventions in the context of being Person Driven.