The Connection between Risk Management, Crisis Intervention and being Person Driven

The use of Problematic strategies puts people with intellectual disabilities at risk in multiple ways, from life threatening behavior to diminished quality of life. Considering risk and addressing it in an ongoing, team oriented way, being Person Driven and acknowledging very basic human needs of those who choose ID services can help us to prevent crisis and provide quality support. Tools including debriefing and always evaluating our own impact on those who choose our services can aid us significantly in understanding how to change what we are doing in order to be more helpful.


This half day session will explore all of our roles related to risk, crisis and “dual diagnosis”. It will also highlight how being Person Driven to assist teams in evaluating risk and assessing the multifaceted but basic human needs of those who choose services. Through lecture, activities and practice participants will be able to:

  • Describe the connection between “Dual Diagnosis” and risk
  • Evaluate the role of risk management in developing evolving strategies of support
  • Consider team roles
  • Develop a framework for crisis prevention and ongoing quality support based on being Person Driven, Individual needs and holistic evaluation
Three Critical Habits