Person Driven Facilitated Practice

Being Person Driven is a very simple and powerful way to connect with others, yet not habitual for most people. While it is easy to understand, engaging and partnering with someone this way is much harder to do in practice. Repeated practice, support and mentoring are what will really help participants to integrate this common sense framework. When practiced seriously, being Person Driven will help participants become aware of really makes them an effective helper with someone.


Offered in half and full day sessions, facilitated practice can offer people who have been trained in being Person Driven the support and mentoring that can be helpful. An experienced practitioner in being Person Driven will assist participants in practicing the core competencies that make collaborating and partnering “do-able.”

Following facilitated practice, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the 12 core competencies in daily practice
  • Evaluate their own use of being Person Driven on a daily basis
  • Identify microviolence and interactions that unintentionally increase the likelihood that people will use problematic strategies
  • Utilize skills that make it less likely that people will resort to problematic strategies.
Three Critical Habits