Integrating being Person Driven, Positive Approaches, and Complex Clinical Conditions

Being Person Driven is a powerful tool that can help us build a helping relationship that is more likely to create change, for ourselves and people with Mental Health/Intellectual Disabilities and complex clinical conditions. It is through being Person Driven that we can also practice Positive Approaches, helping us to appreciate how to “hang in there,” how to identify environmental concerns and communication needs and when to seek clinical assessment. Meeting basic human needs can become complicated when complex clinical conditions create situations that make it more difficult for people to request what could truly be helpful to them. Whether a history of trauma, a severe and persistent mental illness, a genetic or neurodevelopmental disorder (and in some cases, multiple of the above) is impacting the person, it can complicate our ability help. Integrating what we know of complex clinical conditions and best practices in support, we can continue to partner through being Person Driven in a Recovery oriented and Person Driven way.


Through half and full day sessions, participants will have the opportunity to explore how various complex clinical conditions can impact a person's ability to enjoy a meaningful life. We will identify and practice ways to integrate being Person Driven, Positive Approaches and Recovery principles/best practices. At the close of this training, through lecture, discussion and practice participants will be able to:

  • Appreciate the impact of complex clinical conditions on a person's ability to respond
  • Identify best practices in support of complex clinical conditions
  • Integrate being Person Driven and Positive Approaches in a helping relationship
Three Critical Habits