Being Person Driven in Staff Mentoring and Supervision

Being Person Driven is a way to connect with people's needs and manage our own power and influence in people's lives. Direct Support Professionals work daily with people who may be engaging in problematic strategies, sometimes spending more time with the people they serve than their own friends and families. Their relationship and partnership with people is the cornerstone of what we do. As we expect Direct Support Professionals to partner with those who choose our services, so should we engage them in a way that enriches their working experience and validates their needs.


This half day training is designed for those who have supervisory roles within organizations who have had previous training in being Person Driven. Participants will be given practice in mentoring and supervising staff in a way that is most likely to help meet the needs of staff, the individual and the organization. Given practice in becoming Person Driven, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the importance of partnering with staff in a way that increases the likelihood that everyone's needs can be honored
  • Model how to manage our power and influence over others, thereby decreasing the likelihood that people with ID will experience microviolence in their lives
  • Learn supervision tools that will decrease the time we need to “supervise” and increase staff satisfaction
Three Critical Habits