Being Person Driven, Community Safety, and Problematic Sexual Behaviors

Problematic Sexual Behavior can be one of the most challenging problematic strategies to understand and support. Safety of the community and the person who chooses our services are non-negotiables, we must always assure safety. We can do so by partnering in a person directed way, making it more likely that the person we are supporting will experience what we do as helpful and increasing our ability to maintain everyone's safety. Awareness of and mitigation of risk can be balanced with respectful and life-enriching support of the individual.

Being Person Driven enables us to partner with everyone. Even when a person struggles with problematic sexual strategies, we can connect with the basic human needs the person is expressing and partner to develop alternate strategies and manage risk to keep everyone safe. Best practices in supporting people with problematic sexual behavior is an ever evolving field of practice, what always remains true is our ability to help through evolving understanding and engagement with the person.


Through this half or full day session, participants will discuss best practices in risk management for people with ID and problematic sexual behaviors. They will also learn risk management, and Person Driven strategies that will assure safety to the best of our ability. Through the use of lecture, scenarios, activities and practice, participants will be able to:

  • Evaluate their own attitudes and assumptions regarding sexual risk and those who choose ID services
  • Identify the components of risk management based on current research and best practices
  • Practice partnering in a person directed way with people who engage in problematic sexual strategies
Three Critical Habits