An Introduction to being Person Driven

Being Person Driven integrates Positive Approaches, System Thinking, Nonviolent Communication and what we know from years of outcome research by the Heart and Soul of Change Project. Being Person Driven is designed to help service providers create conditions where individuals with Mental Health/Intellectual Disabilities, as well as complex clinical conditions can effectively get their needs met without having to use problematic strategies. Practice of becoming Person Driven is based in twelve core competencies that provide a concrete and “do-able” way to partner within our helping relationships to eliminate situations where a person's most basic needs are not being met. This full day training allows participants to begin the practice of engaging with others being truly Person Driven.


Through activities and practice, participants will begin to develop competency in being Person Driven:

  • Have concrete understanding of being Person Driven
  • Practice listening, partnering and seeking feedback
  • Demonstrate basic understanding of the 12 core competencies
  • Develop basic skills to help reduce microviolence in people's lives and increase the likelihood that the people who choose our services can engage in their Everyday Life.
Three Critical Habits